Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Ice cream

Just a quick post with a pretty boring outfit. I feel like I've been abandoning the blog lately but today my summer has offcially begun so I'll be posting much more regularly (and catching up with all the blogs I haven't had time to read!). :)

Wearing a vintage tshirt which I'm sure has become one of my favourite go-to comfy things that goes with everything and shorts that were a present (I think from my cousin but can't remember).

A stupidly over-exposed picture but I find my pose really funny because I took it by accident.

How cute is this umbrella!? I found it when digging around at the back of the shoe cupboard - it must have been mine when I was a kid. Now officially obsessed with it and re-claiming it. And I have a reason for carrying it ... it was raining heavily yesterday okay. :)

Ps. I don't actually like ice cream very much. But ice lollies are the definition of summer. I'm eating one right now. :)

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