Saturday, 11 June 2011

Neon bitchin'

Before I create my feathered neon headpiece for my first ever festival (so excited, I've been thinking about outfits for weeks - if not months), I have to learn everything I've never wanted to know about the Cold War. So to tide me over until next week, I've done a little research.

I'm planning something in between the Bitching and Junkfood Inca piece (3rd photo) and Eliza Dolittle's decor (4th photo) which is also by Bitching and Junkfood. I love this brand. They have a great name and FYI, they also custom designed her shorts.

Also, because I love braids (and Johnny Depp), I shall attatch random stringy things with beads, like Captain Jack above. :)

PS. None of the photos are mine. Especially the the awesome painting.

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