Saturday, 23 July 2011

Paradise Lost

More photos from Gozo, these from a disposable. Man I love the colours of film.

The Azure Window, and incredible natural stone arch in the sea.

Xlendi Bay, wearing a Topshop dress, Asos hat and Accessorize scarf.



Victoria/Rabat, looking up to the old citadel.

The Inland Sea which has an underwater arch in the rock leading to the open sea.

Xlendi Bay.

Definitely want to go back to Gozo again and hopefully next time I'll be a qualified diver! Gozo is well known for it's scuba diving and my dad dived but we weren't there long enough for me to do a full beginners course. :)

Ps. The wonkiness is not meant to be artistic, it's just I can't put things in the scanner straight.
Pps. Underwater photos taken by my dad. Stupidly I forgot to take an underwater disposable, not that I'm sure it would have worked properly in the sea...

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