Thursday, 21 July 2011


So I spent just over a week on the island of Gozo which is next to Malta. You can tell which photos were taken in the first few days and which were taken towards the end by my tan hahaha.

Top (cut up by me) and culottes from River Island, hat from Asos, flipflops from India and sunglasses found in my house and are now claimed as mine.

Gozo is so much hotter than I expected and I do not deal well which heat. I spent most of my time alternately hiding from the sun or tanning. Wearing a top made and embroidered by either my aunt, shorts that were formerely C's (actually in love with them. Shame they're almost indecently short though) and ankle bracelet from Hawaii.

Topshop dress, Acsessorize scarf.

Can't remember where this swinsuit's from, I've had it for a couple of years and I love it.

Mom's dress from Kenya, shirt from H&M, gifted scarf (with metal decoration attatched) from S, gifted bracelets from a family friend in India and my beautiful thought-journal bought from the Christmas markets.

Top from Asos, swimsuit from Sweaty Betty.

Necklace bought from a little traditional crafts shop in Gozo.

Topshop shirt and belt, mom's jeans cut up by me.

Sure will miss my morning pool dip. And my evening dip too of course. I do love water. :)

Ps. How adorable is this little lace umbrella?! Lace-making is a tradition in Gozo and we saw many old ladies sitting in the shade weaving and crocheting.

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  1. Love those striped shorts! And envy all these poolside pics! I'm a lover of water too :) And the lace umbrella is great!


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