Sunday, 4 September 2011

Concrete jungele

Apologies for the bad quality of the photos and the extremely awkward posing. I'd forgotten friend photographers and bad lighting don't mix well.

Wearing Zara trousers, Santana tshirt, I's beaten-up converse, assorted friend's bracelets and my magic bag from Hoopers. Yes it's broken but I needed an old friend for comfort. And I like to wear friends' clothes/jewellery, it constantly reminds me of them. Also, these pants are half of a suit I bought for school - wait 'til you see it in all its snakeprint glory. I now own two complete snakeprint outfits... do I need help? :)


  1. :) I like your snake-print trousers. It's great to see special piece that enriches the whole outfit. Love your make up- red lipstick is always a hit :)
    p.s. I follow you,


  2. Have to say that those trousers are strikingly wonderful on you.


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