Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Old skool

This is my 7.30 am fake smile on the first day back when all I want to do is get back into my warm bed. And this is my annual cringe first day photo which my dad insists on taking every year. He then went to work with my camera which meant my the time I got it back it was too dark for more (ie. proper) photos.

Wearing a Miss Selfridge jacket, mom's blouse, satchel from Affleck's, Topshop leapard boots, self-made necklace and a Topshop skirt that I distinctly remember referring to as "smart but sporty!" (with dramatic poses) in front of some new kids... I embarass myself. At least I'll be known as the weird fashion kid rather than the generally weird kid. :)

Ps. I was going for an old-fashioned school/nun look but was forced to adopt a jacket - stupid rain - so you can't really tell in this picture.

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