Thursday, 18 April 2013

Little Talks

 ^Of Monsters and Men



 DIYed denim jacket
NASA top
vintage skirt, chopped
House of Holland tights
UO shoes
gifted necklace
self-made badge

My new lens sure is beautiful but it's taking some getting used to shooting at 50mm when I was a strictly 18mm kinda girl (24-35 for flat shots). My dream lens combination is a f1.2 35mm and a standard-aperture 11-18mm without distortion correction. Excuse the camera geeking but I'm allowed to dream.

For some perverse reason, I really enjoy wearing reasonable amounts of black and greys in spring and summer. Probably because although my heart is leaping for joy at the light and the warmth (mostly the light, I don't like heat), my sense of English gloominess is too strong to whole-heartedly embrace florals. :)


  1. Hey ! I've nominated you for the Versatile blogger award, you should check it out !
    Taya xo

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