Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Domino dancing

You might already know this but GOOGLE FRIEND CONNECT IS GOING TO DISAPPEAR! On the 1st July apparently (which is the day of my prom and I have a fab outfit planned). So if you follow me on your Google account, please either commit my URL to memory and remember to check back every two or three days, or take the sensible route and follow me on Bloglovin' (click the drawing to the right). I don't wanna sound like I'm self-promoting but yano, I'd hate for your lives to be deprived of me...

Anyway, back to the main point of this post.



gifted rings from either Topshop or Miss Selfridge, can't remember
my hands grown with love and care

I hadn't been able to wear nail varnish or rings for a couple of months because it was pointless when I was frantically painting everyday and taking rings off and losing them, so I'm enjoying the fact that I can now. And, after my last exam on Monday, I'll be able to wear rings big enough to not be able to write in, and not give a damn. :)

Ps. I'm sorry for being very slow at replying to comments recently, I've been scheduling posts and trying to avoid Blogger so I can actually do some revision, instead of spending all my time reading blogs which is what I normally do.

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  1. Great thing that now you can wear big rings and not give a damn. I so agree, I just finished my exams yesterday and now I'm celebrating by painting my nails. We're not allowed nail polishes in our school.

    I think those rings are Topshop, they look Topshop.

    About replying comments, I think it's okay. I wasn't even expecting to be replied. I was happy that you did though.


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