Friday, 14 June 2013







Asos printed bomber jacket
Primark top, daisies painted by me
American Apparel disco pants
platform Converse
gifted rings
self-made necklace, inspired by Joan MirĂ³'s work

I was never really into the fancy bomber jackets trend because something about the combination of such a casual, heavy-duty shape and such delicate detailing didn't really work for me but my mom bought this jacket and I fell in love with the pattern (I think its butterflies and flowers) and purple is my favourite colour so I'm just gonna pretend this isn't very bomber-y shaped. Plus it this reminds me of my childhood sticker albums filled with glittery butterfly flowers. Sorry, did I say childhood? I still use and love those stickers! I'm also breaking pretty much every school dress code rule here but who cares; it's my penultimate day of ever being a student here. :)

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