Thursday, 27 February 2014

Stars in her eye(brow)s



father's coat
Topshop PVC top
shorts DIYed by me
necklace from the V&A museum
gifted House of Holland tights
Office boots

I was feeling a simple black day yesterday but somehow ended up a bit "street". I was bored at one point in the day, so volunteered to let my friend N dress me up for a photoshoot… which involved many face-fulls of talcum powder and plastic orange eyebrows (a relatively ordinary day at art school). Surprisingly, this co-ordinated rather well with what I was already wearing so cue outfit photos with orange eyebrows. They look damn cool and were also weirdly comfortable considering they were sellotaped to my head. New trend? Maybe not, but it has encouraged me to try out eyebrows coloured with eyeshadow, something that I've been thinking about… :)

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