Monday, 3 March 2014


I think I understand now why Tavi stopped blogging at Style Rookie and instead went on to create Rookie mag. When I started blogging here, I was at school and spent most of the time intellectually and creatively bored so this blog was a way to express something - anything - personal. Since then I've finished school (and college) and am now at art school (not quite university, it's complicated and confusing I know), working full-time to realise my creative ideas. I tend to get totally consumed by whatever creative project I'm working on and my mind is so filled with ideas, possibilities, images and inspiration that I feel like I'm walking round in a euphoric daze. This is not to say that what I wear no longer matters to me; in fact I'm dressing ever more interestingly and in tune with my mood these days; but that it is only one part of my whole vision and sometimes I get more distracted by other parts and forget to blog. It's like my whole life is a piece of art now, rather than just this blog.

Fluxus. Or, whatever. Maybe just Monday thoughts that arrived while in the middle of trying to extract the essence of my next project from my mind into typed words. :)

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