Friday, 13 June 2014

All That Glitters May Well Be Gold

Today is the day my end-of-year Foundation art exhibition opens! This marks the end of a fantastic year filled with crazy arty people, weird and wonderful moments and lots and lots (and lots) of hard work. "Work" sometimes meaning throwing glitter around and photographing it. My final major project is based on the idea of "worship" and the appropriation of religious iconography into meaningless kitsch. For my display, I put up theses pictures from my photoshoot, featuring my cousins wearing two outfits that I made: S in a flowing tunic with a spiked halo, and K in a printed sari and hooded top. I hope you love them as much as I do - this project has been incredibly fun to work on and I'm sad it's now at an end. :)








Clothing, featuring hand-draw illustrative prints, by me
Make-up, styling, lighting and photography by me
Modelled by my gracious and willing cousins K and S

All of these images were created from scratch by me (as are pretty much all the
images on my blog, but these ones are my actual work). Please, please do not repost
them without crediting me as they took many, many, many hours of hard work!

Ps. Closer photos of the makeup here. For more photos of this project, please click here.
Ps. For the duration of the exhibition, I'll be posting other pictures of my work from this project here so stay tuned!

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  1. mind=blown

    this is stunning! you're really talented and I love your thesis <3 It's something I've always thought about and you've visualised it in an amazing way. the make up is amazing too!



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