Monday, 16 June 2014

Exhibition madness










In my "Worship" project, I created a lot of print designs (a selection of which I will be posting on this blog soon) and I really wish I could make them all into clothing one day. For opening night, I didn't want to match my exhibition too closely, but I was/am still obsessed with the style of prints I've been making, so eventually I settled on the idea of making patches printed with my drawings and sewing them onto a sheer dress. It took me about a week of on-and-off work to make the pattern, the organza dress, the patches (using iron-on transfer paper for normal printers), and sew it all together and I only managed to finish it about an hour before I had to wear it! It doesn't seem like there are that many, but covering the whole dress took approximately 50 patches! My project was partly inspired by Grayson Perry's work and this dress was a little homage to Grayson as Claire, who is currently one of my style icons (more about this another time). Anyway I am absolutely thrilled with how this dress turned out and I love it to bits, as did a surprising number of adults at the exhibition. :)

Ps. The prints overlaid in these photos are also from my project!

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