Monday, 5 July 2010

Bounce to earth

On Saturday I went to my friend O's house with a few other friends. We had a bouncy castle. It's been probably years since I've been on one and I'd forgotten how much fun they are!

I love this photo so much. I was jumping off the castle pratically right onto my friend who was taking the photo.

Mmm, ice lollies. Calipos to be precise. That's Cuh-lip-oh, not Cal-ip-oh or Cay-lip-oh or something stupid like Cuh-lyp-oh. We had a big debate about this.

Wearing a tshirt of my dad's frmo Hawai'i and my mom's DIY shorts from jeans.

This wierd girl I, she was like obsessed with my hair and totally spent like 5 whole minutes like taking pictures of it. :)

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