Thursday, 8 July 2010

Freedom, finally

Bonjour blog, sorry I've been posting a little sporadically. But today was the last day of school and now I'm FREE! FREE AS A BIRD! 'Till September. And since it was a half day, some friends (T, L and V) and I decided to join everyone else by indulging in some (mainstream) retail therapy.

I think she was dancing.. Crazy child.

All H&M clothes, my tights from Miss Selfridge. Next clothes all from Topshop, same tights.

T (in first picture) actually picked out this dress and I stole it to try on because it looked so good on her. It's not what I would normally go for, but I kinda liked it. Would have been better with a tshirt underneath though.

This dress was petite so totally did not fit me, but I had to try it on anyway because it's like the white one but in a lovely sea foam green. (Is sea foam green a colour? Well now it's the colour of that dress.)

Absolutely love this dress. It's perfect - denim, popper buttons, high neck AND collar. I like the western theme at the moment (which reminds me - I need to watch some westerns and Clint Eastwoods. Back to the Future Part III counts too.). Love this even more than the white dress. Possibly even more than this leather aviator jacket with (fake) sheepskin lining à la Burberry FW10 from Asos that I NEED badly. Possibly.

To be honest, I'm a little shopped out. :)

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