Sunday, 4 July 2010

We'll sing Hallelujah

^ Taylor Swift. I hope that's how you spell hallelujah, I couldn't be bothered to check.

I love serious shopping with the girls, it's so much fun. Here's some stuff that I fell in love with and didn't get so will have to beg for.

Forgive the stupid pose, I.. have no excuse, sorry.

Black eo-prene dress from River Island. I adored the feel - thick and mouldable yet light and stretchy. It wasn't a great fit but this is the first neo-prene thing I've seen in stores and I'm definately going to keep looking. Had a massive chunky zip down the back too - my favourite. It made me laugh how some guy in the shop said, 'They're getting wierder in here.'. Yep, and I'm lovin' it. Somewhat Gaga-esque.

Grey/silver silk (I think) dress also from River Island. Lovely drapey-ness, if a tad formal/grown up for me. But with heels for an occasion would be lovely. My favourite thing about it was that it had pockets! Useable ones! I love pockets, I don't like carrying round a bag at the moment - too much effort.

My friend L (in the background of the top and bottom pictures) picked out this dress from Topshop and I stole it from her because it's perfect. Tight but loose because of the draping, white but not too blinding because of the mesh and a nice neckline and top half. Too often dresses have an arkward neckline or don't fit my shoulders well. Now if only I had somewhere to wear this to so I could convince the parents that I do in fact need it..
My other friend L (in the second picture) is also wearing a dress from Topshop. Surprising, since we were in the Topshop changing rooms.

Funny story. My friend E and I were in H&M when I saw this adorable jacket in this rather eye-watering shade of yellow. Then we found a dress and a cardigan in the exact same shade, so of course I decided to colour co-ordinate. What I didn't realise was that my new cycling shorts (with lace - love them) from Topshop also matched.
Then I saw this jacket and this bralet/top. And once again, co-ordination! With my black velvet bodycon skirt that my mother made from a pair of leggings and my new cycling shorts.

Those last two outfits started as a joke but I realised I really liked them. Go co-ordination! (I think that's the most times I've ever said co-ordination in one go. Oooh, one more!) And I don't know why I tried on so many dresses. Maybe it was because I was shopping with so many girls. :)

Pps. Everyone on Lookbook (and Rumi Neely) seems to love Forever 21! I think I'm going to America in the summer so I will definately be going - it sounds great.

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